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The following is a list of some of the most popular model train scales used in model railroading: G scale: (1:22.5) commonly used for garden layouts.Also called LGB scale. If you like working outdoors, doing real landscaping and gardening, this is the most likely model train scale …

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Model trains are usually built to scale to look as much like real trains as possible. Model trains are favored by collectors and historical train lovers. Toy trains. Toy trains are often built from cheaper materials, but because they're meant to be played with, they tend to be more durable than model trains.

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Lionel Model Trains at Train World - Train Land, America's Largest International Mail Order Discount Model Train Store. Your source for HO Scale, N Scale, O Gauge, G Gauge, model trains, track, locomotives and Rolling Stock.

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Lionel HO products work with all HO gauge systems. With a track gauge of 16.5 mm and a scale of 1:87, HO is the most common model train size today. Lionel has manufactured HO trains several times in its history. Today, we offer The Polar Express™ locomotive and train cars. Lionel's HO trains feature: Compatible with all HO gauge track | At a scale of 1:450 TGauge is the smallest ...

Jan 01, 2020· Depending on the manufacturer, G scale model trains range in scale from 1:24 to 1:32, but generally run together on the same gauge track. At the turn of the last century, Lionel was the first to produce electric toy trains in America in what they called "Standard Gauge," where the rails were 2.125″ apart.

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McHenry offers a full line of quality, long-lasting HO scale model railroad couplers. To view the full product list, click the link below. Shop Now. Train Show and Event Calendar. Visit with the Athearn team and see our latest models. View the train shows and events where we'll be …

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Wire Gauge Standards for Model Train Layouts. Written by. Ryan Kunkle. Ryan is a national expert on model trains who has contributed 132 articles for The Spruce. He served as president of the Conrail Historical Society. Learn about The Spruce Crafts' Editorial Process. Ryan Kunkle. Updated 08/13/19. Pin

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14 · In terms of model railway operation, gauge 3 is the largest (standard gauge) scenic …

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Hobbylinc carries over 59,600 model trains at discounts up to 63% including freight cars, buildings, railroad scenery, locomotives, and roadway. The most popular model trains brands include Woodland Scenics, Bachmann, Atlas, Preiser Kg, and Kato USA Inc.

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Oct 05, 2017· Sizes of model trains, or any other model, are measured in scale. Scale is a ratio of the model's size relative to the real thing. Sometimes people will refer to gauge as well, which relates to the track, rather than the train .

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Manufacturer of model trains and accessories in O and standard gauges. Information about products, business opportunities, and dealers. Provides hobbyist and club information and free downloads are available.

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In 1906, Lionel introduced a new line of model trains that ran on track with a width (between rails) of 2.125 inches. In order to power the electric locomotives, the track included a third rail in the middle, which conveyed electricity. After coming up with a slogan that proclaimed "Lionel—Standard of the World," Lionel named the design "Standard Gauge" and filed a …

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In addition to scale, model trains and other pieces may be the standard gauge or narrow gauge, which refers to the scaled width of the railway track. Z Scale—1:220 or 0.05 inch to 1 foot N Scale —1:160 or 0.075 inch to 1 foot

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O-Gauge: Lionel O-Gauge track systems- which include O, O-27, and FasTrack® - all measure 1-¼" between the outer rails. Any O-Gauge car or locomotive can ride on Lionel O-Gauge track, as long as the curve track used on your layout can accommodate your particular cars.

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Dec 02, 2014· Modeling Scales Scale & Gauge As you get into deciding just what you want in the way of a model railroad, the question of scale comes up. Do you want HO or N or maybe O or S? Perhaps you want one of the Garden Railroad scales or gauge or... Well, what is scale and gauge for that matter? Briefly, scale is the ratio of the model to the real thing or 'prototype'. Gauge …

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After the introduction, we'll build a model railroad. This won't be a simple "loop of track around the Christmas Tree", but the beginnings of a real, scale, model railroad. This model railroad would be something to set up permanently in your basement, recreation room, or other available space. We start easy, as a simple loop of track.

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In N gauge, to a scale of 2mm:1ft, Z gauge track is used to model metre or 3ft gauge lines and is known as N-Z (Nn3 in the US) T scale track can be used with N gauge to produce 18ft gauge - known as N-T (Nn18). N-5 (Nn30) uses 5mm gauge track to produce 2½in gauge; TT-Z is 3mm:1ft scale running on Z gauge track for a 2ft gauge …

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The model railroad equipment & accessories we sell are not toys, and are not intended for use by children under the age of 14, Thomas and Friends wood - 3 years and older, Thomas and Friends electric - 8 years and older.