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Choosing electrodes for welding cast iron typically comes down to three things: cost, machine-ability, and whether the weld is single or multiple pass. Softweld 99Ni (AWS class ENi-CI) is a nominally 99% Nickel electrode. Nickel is expensive, and so, therefore, is this premium electrode.

A High Nickel Electrode for Cold Welding of Cast Iron for Machinable Deposit. Weldalloy 511 is an ideal electrode for cold welding of cast iron. It deposits a machinable weld which bonds to cast iron …

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Jun 08, 2013· Non-machinable joins cast to other metals. Non-conductive flux coating. Specially developed for welding dirty, heat affected, contaminated and oxidized cast iron. For all cast iron repair welding not requiring machinable weld metal. Will bond to severely contaminated or oxidized cast iron surfaces due to its combination of arc drive, flux coating and weld metal …

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Certanium® 889 Cast Iron Stick Rod Electrode 1/8" Certanium® - 889 Cast Iron Stick Rod Electrode, Flux Coated, 180 to 222 HB Hardness, 60 to 100 Amps, DCRP/DCSP/AC Polarity, 1/8" (10 US Pounds) Item# P12003. Price : Log In Standard Pack : 10 lb Ship Weight : …


The remainder of our range of cast iron electrodes includes those specifically designed for welding Meehanite, nodular iron and ductile irons as well as those for joining cast iron to steel. This includes our Bi-Metal ferro nickel electrode which exhibits a very strong concentrated arc drive to penetrate deeply into contaminated cast iron …

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Ferroweld is Lincoln Electric's low cost option for welding cast iron. Ferroweld Cast Iron Stick Electrode | Lincoln Electric We use cookies to help our website work more effectively and …

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Highly Machinable, High Strength Electrode For Joining Cast Iron To Cast Iron To Steel With Pure Nickel Core Wire. Felix 834 AC-DC: AWS/ASME A 5.15: E NiCI DIN 8573: E Ni BG 11: 3.15 x 350 mm: 98 % Nickel Soft, Highly Machinable, High Strength Electrode For Joining Cast Iron To Cast Iron To Steel . Felix 835 AC-DC: Propreitory Product: 2.5 x ...

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Weldalloy 521 is an ideal electrode for welding all weldable cast irons. It is also useful on casting with relatively high phosphorous. The electrode welds with a mooth, stable arc giving a flat, dense and crack free deposit.

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A nickel-iron cored electrode for joining normal grades of cast iron, such as grey-, ductile- and malleable irons. It is also suitable for rectification and repair of these grades and for joining them to steel. Deposition is done on cold or slightly preheated cast iron. The electrode produces a weld metal stronger and more resistant to solidification cracking than that of the pure nickel ...


NFM is an electrode depositing high nickel weld metal for welding of cast irons. The deposit is soft and has good resistance to cracking. Ideally suited for welding of cast iron to produce machinable weld deposit. Also suitable for repairing of cracks filling up and surfacing applications

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65 Nickel Iron Electrodes. Description: Nickel-iron Alloy Electrode. Premium nickel-iron alloy electrode (AC-DC). For gray and alloyed cast iron. 65 Nickel is for the repair of all types of cast iron. It yields dense, strong, yet totally machinable deposits.

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Electrode having a nickel-copper core wire for welding cast iron without or with low preheating (up to +300°C). Well-suited to welding cast iron with lamellar graphite, white and black heart malleable cast iron, nodular cast iron. Electrode is preferably used for making filler and cover passes of for filling-up shrinkage cavities.


May 05, 2016· These filler metals are suitable for welding gray cast iron, malleable cast iron, nodular cast iron, compacted graphite cast iron, and certain alloy cast irons. 1 2. Classification 2.1 The electrodes and rods covered by this specification are classified according to chemical composition, as specified in Tables 1A, 1B, and 1C.

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77 Cast Iron Electrode Instructions Begin by beveling the joint. Drill holes 1/2 from each end of the crack to prevent further cracking while welding. Tack weld to retain alignment. Use AC or DC reverse polarity, electrode positive. (50-70 amps for 3/32, 60-110 amps for 1/8

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machinable cast iron electrode. It is the most economical way to go for repairing various kinds of cast iron products - providing that machinability of the weld deposit is not required and where weld shrinkage stress is not a concern. Since the core wire is steel, the weld deposits will have a higher tensile strength (65,000 psi) than Nickel 99,

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Suitable for the welding of Meehanite cast iron, some alloy cast irons and the austenite "Ni-Resist" types. II. DESCRIPTION: An iron-nickel alloy Shielded Metal Arc Welding electrode for high strength joints on cast iron. Also for the fabrication and repair of a wide range of cast iron components and for the joining of cast iron to steel.

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7018 is a mild steel electrode and can get cast iron properly welded. But using 7018 to weld cast iron makes peening, preheating, and cooling tricky to manage. But the final results using a 7018 electrode could be great if you stick to a detailed preheating/post-heating regime.

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cast iron, malleable cast iron and cast steel as well as for joining these materials to steel, copper and copper alloys. Due to its high nickel content, the soft and tough weld metal is especially suitable for welding cast iron which is brittle or old. The electrodes have excellent welding properties and

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Stick electrodes for cast iron 22nd Nov 2017 UTP Maintenance stick electrodes. Stick with the specialist. We supply any type of stick electrodes you may need and our electrodes are always easy to handle, with fine arc ignition and stability ...

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For cast iron electrodes, the main constituents of the fume will be iron, copper, nickel, manganese, sodium, potassium and calcium oxides, fluorides and silicates, mainly in the form of complex oxides and other compounds. There will also be smaller amounts of other complex metal oxides and silicates.